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Coordinate Conversions "CooC"

Online site 1 (new; under construction)

Online site 2 (old but it should work)

Online site 3 (currently inoperative)

Download Linux version 1.01

Download Windows version 1.01

Download Unix version 1.01

You can convert between any two astronomical coordinate systems with the CooC. Online versions offer a form with which you can easily convert one set of coordinates to another. Downloadable programmes are older and a bit crummy but you can convert any number of coordinates in one go.

Please, let me know if you find any problems with coordinate conversions or get incorrect results. I shall try to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Image Reduction for Windows "IRWin"

IRWin is a very simple fits image reduction programme that works in Windows (i.e. if you do not have Linux, or Cygwin, you can not run IRAF and must try something else - like IRWin)

Airmass calculator

Airmass calculator is a programme that calculates airmass for a given altitude or zenith distance - or vice versa; both Linux and Windows versions are available)