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IRWin - Image Reduction for Windows

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For those who want to do their basic image reduction in Windows or who want something simpler and lighter than the mighty IRAF, we provide IRWin.

The programme is far from being fully functional, but bold users are now given an option to download the executable and try it out. Please report all bugs to the email address below, so that they can be removed.

Currently IRWin can:

Download the Windows95/98/2000/XP executable (v. 1.03) from here:

If you have not installed PGPLOT into your computer you probably have to get the Pgplot fonts as well and unzip them into your C:\ -root. You should end up with a folder C:\Pgplot with one file (grfont.dat) in it.

To get started:
1) Note that to do a mouse click on the image you must move the cursor with the mouse on the click point (of an active image window) and then click by pressing a key on the keyboard.
2) An image slot must always be filled with an empty image of a correct size before you can do operations to other images for which results appear into a new image slot instead of the one with the original image. E.g. subtracting image in slot1 from image in slot2 into slot3 requires all images to be of the same physical size.
3) Web help is coming...