Last modified on 16th April 2004.
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Coordinate Conversions in Astronomy, version 2.3; March 2002

N.B. Users of this site are kindly asked to inform the author (please, find my email address through the link at the bottom of the page) of all bugs and annoying features found in these web pages or in the way the program runs. All suggestions for improvements are gratefully received and taken into consideration when updating the program.

Please select from the following the coordinate system from which you wish to make a coordinate conversion:

1 - Horizontal coordinates
2 - Equatorial coordinates
3 - Ecliptic coordinates (geocentric)
4 - Ecliptic coordinates (heliocentric)
5 - Ecliptic coordinates (topocentric)
6 - Galactic coordinates
7 - Galactic coordinates (old system)
8 - Supergalactic coordinates
9 - Supergalactic cartesian coordinates

See also the following info pages:
Accuracy of the conversions.
Reported bugs and update status.
WARNING - a serious bug.

N.B. Since the latest web server upgrade at Tuorla Observatory conversions seem to work in a limited way. Conversions work to certain other coordinate systems but not all of them. However, if you manually copy results to a new 'from' page and do the conversion to your preferred destination system, it may work. We are trying to fix the problem, but if the conversions you try to make do not work right now, please consider downloading a command line version of this program via Tools link above.

N.B. Inaccuracies of horizontal coordinate conversions (to and from) make it practically useless for most uses. Especially professional astronomers should use other methods to make those conversions until the problem has been fixed (sometimes in the future).

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