Official Workshop hotels

Nearest alternative:

The closest hotel is Holiday Club Caribia. It is situated 500 meters from the workshop venue.


133€/night/single person room, and 143€/night/double.
Reservation information: call +358-20-123-4902 or e-mail
Mention the reservation code: EANA.
The price of the room includes use of the gym and spa, a breakfast buffet, and parking.

Cheaper alternatives:

Sokos Hotels. Situated 1-2km from the workshop venue, in the heart of the city.
Reservation form - do not use the internet form


Sokos Hotel City Börs: 62€/night/single room
Sokos Hotel Hamburger Börs: 99€/night/single room
Sokos Hotel Seurahuone: 72€/night/single room
Short description of the three Sokos Hotels

Other alternatives:

Hostel Turku
Cumulus Hotel Turku
Radisson SAS Hotel
Scandic Hotels

Selfservice hotels: