How to get to Turku
Note that the venue has changed from Publicum to Educarium (distance of 50 meters).

By Air:


It is easiest to fly directly to Turku airport (TKU) with flights operated by Blue1/ SAS from Stockholm Arlanda and Copenhagen Kastrup or by connecting flights via Finnair from Helsinki-Vantaa airport (HKI).

A taxi from the airport to the hotels is about 20€. The city bus number 1 leaves in day time every 20 minutes and in late evening just after flight arrivals from the airport to the city center (2.5€). The fare can be paid to the bus driver.


Helsinki-Vantaa airport is the major airport in Finland, and is the easiest to access internationally. Buses leave regularly for Turku from the airport, and as such there is no need to travel into Helsinki proper in order to get to Turku, one might have to change buses, but the bus driver will take care of transffering your luggage to the correct bus, ask the bus driver for more information. The fare from Helsinki to Turku is around 25 €. The bus ride takes around three hours.

Ryanair has inexpensive flights to Tampere-Pirkkala airport. From Tampere you must take a train or bus to Turku. The trains and buses leave from the center of Tampere.

By Sea:

There's a maritime port serving the following carriers with routes from Sweden to Finland:
Silja Line (foot and car passangers)
Viking Line (foot and car passangers)
Sea Wind Line (with a car only)

The Port is only few kilometers from the Turku center and there are good bus connections (bus number 1) from the port to the center. The cruise boats take around 12 hours to reach Turku, and leave every morning and evening.

A Combination of the Two:

If you're arriving from a bit further away and have some spare time you may wish to consider the option of taking a flight to Stockholm, Sweden, and from there a boat to Turku (see By Sea above).

Travel within Turku

Turku has a good public bus system. The fare for an adult is 2,50€, which includes a 2 hour ticket. Buses run from the airport, the bus station, and the train station to the marketplace regularly.

Travel to the Venue

The workshop is being held in Educarium (shown as T47 at the top of the university campus map . Note the small scrollable map in the top left corner.) The lecture hall is at the Northern end of the campus. Local Buses 4, 6, 28, 50, 51, 53, 54, 55, and 110 leave from the marketplace to the university (they stop in front of T26 on the map). Ask the driver if it is going to the university, or you might end up going in the wrong direction. In addition to these, bus number 30 runs from the marketplace to the Caribia Hotel (off the top of the university map, right above column I), from there it is 500 meters to Educarium.


Interactive Turku city map

Publicum and Caribia can be found about 800m North of the intersections of Highway 1 and 10.

A map of the city center, where the Sokos hotels are found.

Printable version of the university map

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