The NOT in the 2000's

Santa Cruz de La Palma, 12-15 April 2000


The main goals of the Workshop are:

  • To give the opportunity to the users of the NOT to present and discuss their viewpoints about the needs and possible solutions to keep the NOT competitive and in the front-line of the research to be carried out.
  • To review the instrumentation available at the NOT, and to provide basis for thinking about the future beyond the instrumentation programme we now have under way.


Nils Bergvall (Chairman)
Gunnlaugur Bjornsson
Per Lilje
Poul Erik Nissen
Vilppu Piirola
Alvio Renzini
Hugo E. Schwarz
Leo Takalo


Tim Abbott
Paco Armas
Loida Fernandez
Claudio Moreno
Hugo E. Schwarz (Chairman)


  1. NOT and Nordic astronomy
    • Bernard Pagel: Views from an ex-Nordic visitor
    • Vilppu Piirola: Astronomy with the NOT and Nordic collaboration
  2. Science with the NOT
    • Jens Hjorth: Gravitational Lenses and Gamma-Ray Bursts through flexible sheduling/Service observations/Target of Opportunity programs.
    • Haakon Dahle: Weighing 40 clusters of galaxies with weak gravitational lensing
    • Kari Nilsson: Optical imaging of the RGB sample of BL Lacertae objects
    • Margarethe Wold: Quasar environments at 0.5 < z < 0.8
    • Thomas Heissel Dall: Spectroscopic asteroseismology with the NOT
    • Ariel Goobar: Cosmological Parameters from Type Ia Supernovae
    • Contributed talks
  3. Technical developments and Operational strategies
    • Johannes Andersen: The NOT core instrumentations program
    • Daniel Rouan: Adaptive Optics optimised for medium-size telescopes
    • Roy Östensen: High-speed CCD photometry with the NOT
    • Tim Abbott: More Clout for the Kroner- Optimising Scientific Return
    • Edwin Valentijn: Wide field imaging with OmegaCAM
    • Jesper Storm: The adaptive optics system for the Large Binocular Telescope
    • Michael Andersen: HiRAC-II and beyond
    • Contributed talks
  4. The European perspective
    • Francesco Sanchez: ORM in the next decade
    • Jose Miguel Rodriguez-Espinosa: The GTC at the ORM: Prospects
    • Campbell Warden: European funding and research management
  5. Funding
    • Views from the NOS-N representative Pär Omling and each of the representatives of the funding authorities of the different countries
  6. Round Table discussion
  7. Visit to ORM

A preliminary program frame is given below. The final programme is also available.

 Wednesday 12Thursday 13Friday 14Saturday 15
  • The NOT and Nordic astronomy
  • Science with the NOT
  • Science with the NOT (continued)
  • Technical developments
  • The European perspective
  • Funding
  • Visit to the Observatorio del Roque de los Muchachos


  • Boat trip 1.
  • PM:
  • Science with the NOT (continued)
  • Operational strategies
  • Round table discussion

    The meeting will consist of Invited talks (35 min + 10 min discussion), and Contributed talks (15 + 5 min). Conference proceedings book will be published. The expected number of participants in the Workshop is 40-50.


    The registration can be done by filling out the registration form on our Web page. The registration fee is USD 100 before February 15, 2000, and USD 150 thereafter. If you pay with a credit card, DO NOT send your card number via the Internet or e-mail, use the fax.

    The deadline for submitting titles of contributed talks is

    February 15, 2000.

    The deadline for registration is

    March 1, 2000.


    The Abstract of your presentation can be sent either by e-mail to the address, or by filling out the abstract form on our Web page. The maximum length of the abstract is 20 lines. The deadline for submitting abstracts is March 1, 2000.


    We have reserved rooms in Hotel Playa Taburiente. This is a new and convenient hotel, with a large swimming pool and other nice facilities, located about 3 km outside the center of Santa Cruz, towards the Airport. The Workshop will take place in the same hotel. We will send you confirmation of your reservation. All hotel fees are payable directly in the Hotel (credit cards accepted).


    We kindly ask you to indicate on the Registration form the social events you wish to attend. These will include:

    • Conference Dinner, Friday April 14
    • Visit to the Observatorio del Roque de los Muchachos
    • Bus excursion with a boat trip along La Palma coastline

    Updated information on the Social events will be given on the Web pages.

    An informal gathering and Welcome coctail will be held in the hall of the meeting place (Hotel Playa Taburiente) on Tuesday, April 11, at 19:00.


    We urge the participants to make the travel arrangements at their earliest convenience, as the flights to and between the Canary Islands will later become fully booked, due to the proximity of the Easter holidays after the conference.

    CONTACT ADDRESS (Scientific programme):

    Dr. Nils Bergvall
    Astronomiska Observatoriet
    Box 515
    S-75120 Uppsala
    tel: +46 18 525 724
    fax: +46 18 527 583

    Registration, and hotel bookings

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