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Planetarium presentations

Night sky of the month
Currently the show is available in Finnish only. The presentation depicts current phenomena on the sky (constellations, planets, special objects and atmospheric phenomena), and gives instructions on how to see all this with your own eyes on a clear night. The show is renewed each month. Length: approximately 20 minutes.

Astronomy now
Currently the show is available in Finnish only. This presenation describes planets, stars and constellations on the night sky and e.g. the movements of the Earth in space. Length: approximately 20 minutes.

Wonders of the Sky aka Children's Night Sky
The presentation takes audience on a tour to phenomena on the night sky and fascinating objects in the universe in a way especially targeted to children. Suits best to children of 4 to 10 years of age (naturally together with an adult). English narrative by Sarah Bird. Length: approximately 20 minutes.

Other products

Observatory tour
The history and research of Tuorla Observatory are revealed on a tour to one or two telescopes. Telescopes are not available for viewing the sky. The length of the tour is approximately 20 min.

Presentation: Basic astronomy
Basic terminology of astronomy and most important phenomena and celestial objects studied by astronomers are presented in this presentation. Length is approximately 20 min.

Tailored services
Tuorla area is an excellent target both for travellers and organisers of conferences or entertainment. Besides planetarium, the observatory is a perfect location to learn more about astronomy and astronomical instrumentation. The observatory lecture hall may be rented for conferences.

Hostel Tuorla, within a brief walking distance from the observatory, offers restaurant and accommodation services, and rents both smaller meeting rooms and a larger auditorium for conferences. Countryside College of Southwest Finland provides tourist services in the form of a garden shop, gardening museum and a multitude of domestic animals.

N.B. Even though there are no continuous or glaring flashing lights or many very fast movements in our planetarium shows, most sensitive people prone to epilepsy or migraine should prepare for the impressiveness of our all-sky shows and e.g. cover their eyes for a moment, if a need arises. We hope no inconvenience is caused to anybody and ask you to report to us should anything happen nonetheless.


We have a selection of five 20-30 minute full-sky shows. New shows are acquired regularly so please check the situation regularly; preferably at an interval of a couple of months at most.

Shows are suited also to children, but their contents may be a little difficult to understand for children who have not yet reached school age. It is advisable to tell the smallest children that it is dark in the planetarium. We recommend parental guidance for children under 15 years of age.

Black Holes - The Other Side of Infinity
Black holes are among the greatest mysteries of the universe. They fascinate the imagination of scientists and general public alike. Black Holes We shall now get to know them through a visually spectacular show. In the planetarium the audience has a chance of experiencing something impossible in real life: what it is like to plunge into the irresistible gape of a black hole. English narrative by Liam Neeson. Length: approximately 22 minutes.

Secrets of the Sun
Secrets of the Sun In the show the formation of the Sun, how it operates, and what is its future are shown in a way that may change forever how you view the Sun. English narrative by Brandy Snow. Length: approximately 20 minutes.

Seven Wonders
Seven Wonders The show presents first the seven wonders of the ancient world in a fabulous animation. Then the audience is taken in the middle of similar selection of breathtakingly beautiful scenes discovered in the unlimited reaches of the universe. English narrative by Sean Bean. Length: approximately 30 minutes.

Wonders of the Universe
Wonders of the Universe Hubble Space Telescope takes you to a journey through time and space to the very beginning of the universe. On the way you will see how galaxies and other cosmic structures have formed. The journey ends with a spectacular flight through our own solar system. English narrative by Corey Burton. Length: approximately 20 minutes.

Mystery of the Christmas Star
Mystery of the Christmas Star Travel 2000 years back in time with us to find out what kind of astronomical phenomena were so significant that they gave rise to a myth of a connection to the birth of a messiah. The show is suitable for an audience of any age. English narrative by Brandy Snow and Michael Daut. Length: approximately 30 minutes.