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Tuorla Planetarium is an astronomy popularisation venture of Tuorla Observatory, the astronomy unit of the University of Turku. The planetarium has been set up in temporary location while we continue planning for the actual Tuorla Observatory Visitor Centre. Our foremost wish is that people from Varsinais-Suomi area and preferably also form elsewhere would find an interest to astronomy and basic facts of astronomical phenomena through our planetarium. After all, astronomy touches us all in one way or another.

These pages are here to inform public on the activities, programme, opening hours, prices and other services of the planetarium. A special care was taken in making the pages look interesting, while still promoting their functionality. We acknowledge there may be problems with the smallest screen resolutions. Therefore a text version is also available with no special effects or functionalities. If even the text version does not work on your browser properly, try another browser or contact us and we shall try to solve the problem.

Using these pages
Please note that the menu in the top arc is always available and you can enter any page quickly from the links there. You can easily return to our home page from the "Tuorla Planetarium" link in the arc or clicking on a flag in the bottom bar. Should you not find some information you are interested in from these pages, please contact us and we shall remedy the situation.

Page design
The Tuorla Planetarium WWW pages were originally designed and written by Tuorla Observatory researcher Rami Rekola. The design mimics the observatory landmark, the high telescope tower, with its top arc and side extensions. The interior of the top arc imitates a planetarium with the dim display of constellations. The view is the same as the southern sky seen from Tuorla Observatory on autumnal equinox, 22nd September 2008 at 18:44 Finnish time, roughly a week before the grand opening of the planetarium.

As all web pages should, also these pages follow fully international WWW standards (i.e. they are completely faultless within their functions). Only web browsers that ignore web standards can not show such pages properly.