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Regular opening hours:

Please note that all our planetarium presentations and shows during regular opening hours are in Finnish only. English shows are available on group reservations.

Seat availability warning:

The planetarium is open on announced times without a prior reservation. You may reserve seats in these regular shows either by phone or in our reservation calendar. We apologise to everybody who comes to the planetarium without a prior reservation and can not enter due to all seats being taken. Hence it is of utmost importance that everyone who has reserved seats arrives in good time before the show begins (preferably 15 minutes before). Reserved seats that have not been redeemed 10 minutes before the presentation will be sold to those present.

School classes are welcome to ask for a special educational package offered on week days between 08:00 and 12:00. Other times can also be arranged. Enquiries through our Reservations page.

We recommend especially larger groups to make a reservation at a separate time. This makes it also possible to tailor the programme to the needs and wishes of the group.

The reservable times can be divided into two groups. We shall announce those times that are free for reserving on our "Reservations" page. Additionally our customers are also welcome to suggest any other time. We can not guarantee that the presentation can be arranged at any given time, but we shall try to do our best to serve our customers also on these times.