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Tuorla Planetarium

This is a simple, plain text format WWW page for those users of the web whose browser is so old that it does not support standard XHTML and CSS, with which the actual pages of the planetarium have been made. In case you came here by accident you can enter our actual pages through this link.

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Contact Information

Tuorla Planetarium, Tuorla Observatory
Vaisalantie 20, FI-21500 PIIKKIO, Finland

Puh: +358 45 656 7211     Fax: +358 2 243 3767

(Please, remove the "-NOSPAM" from the end of the email address.)

The planetarium is open on times announced in our Finnish pages (because the programme is in Finnish). Seats may be reserved in advance by phone. We are sorry if all seats are reserved for a presentation to which somebody comes without a prior reservation. For this reason it is important that people with reservations arrive to planetarium in time (at least 15 minutes before the presentation begins). Reserved seats that have not been redeemed 5 minutes before the scheduled beginning of the show will be sold to those present.

We recommend especially groups to reserve a time of their own, when the presentation may also be tailored to suit the needs of the group. Planetarium shows are also available in English. The reservation may be made either by contacting us directly (see contact info above) or by contacting Hostel Tuorla (contact information).

Price List

Grounds for pricing
We have divided our prices to two classes. Orion class is our normal price class. Sirius class is intended for children under 15 years of age (to be asserted with an ID on request), students (with a student card), conscripts (with military passport), and senior citizens.


Black Holes - The Other Side of Infinity
Orion class price = 6 EUR
Sirius class price = 5 EUR

Secrets of the Sun
Orion class price = 6 EUR
Sirius class price = 5 EUR

Seven Wonders
Orion class price = 6 EUR
Sirius class price = 5 EUR

Wonders of the Universe
Orion class price = 6 EUR
Sirius class price = 5 EUR

Mystery of the Christmas Star
Orion class price = 6 EUR
Sirius class price = 5 EUR

Other products

Observatory tour
will be arranged by reservation only and at a time and price agreed on reservation.

Presentation: Basic astronomy
will be arranged by reservation only and at a time and price agreen on reservation.

Presentation on other topic:
Ask price and selection of topics by using the reservation form or contacting us by phone or email.

Series tickets
We offer astronomy enthusiasts a possibility to view our shows and presentations through affordable series tickets. Tickets are personal and valid for one year from purchase.

Andromeda class series ticket: three optional shows together with the Night sky of the month presentations shown immediately prior to the show. Price: 15 EUR.

We do not give group rates during normal opening hours. We shall make an offer for each reservation affected by the size of the group, the time of the reserved presentation, and the programme to be presented.

School Classes
We recommend our special school package to school classes. The price will be published before the planetarium opens to public.

Programme and Products


We have five 20-30 minute full-sky shows in our selection.

Black Holes - The Other Side of Infinity
Black holes are among the greatest mysteries of the universe. They fascinate the imagination of scientists and general public alike. We shall now get to know them through a visually spectacular show. In the planetarium the audience has a chance of experiencing something impossible in real life: what it is like to plunge into the irresistible gape of a black hole. English narrative by Liam Neeson. Length: approximately 22 minutes.

Secrets of the Sun
In the show the formation of the Sun, how it operates, and what is its future are shown in a way that may change forever how you view the Sun. English narrative by Brandy Snow. Length: approximately 20 minutes.

Seven Wonders
The show presents first the seven wonders of the ancient world in a fabulous animation. Then the audience is taken in the middle of similar selection of breathtakingly beautiful scenes discovered in the unlimited reaches of the universe. English narrative by Sean Bean. Length: approximately 30 minutes.

Wonders of the Universe
Hubble Space Telescope takes you to a journey through time and space to the very beginning of the universe. On the way you will see how galaxies and other cosmic structures have formed. The journey ends with a spectacular flight through our own solar system. English narrative by Corey Burton. Length: approximately 20 minutes.

Mystery of the Christmas Star Travel 2000 years back in time with us to find out what kind of astronomical phenomena were so significant that they gave rise to a myth of a connection to the birth of a messiah. The show is suitable for an audience of any age. English narrative by Brandy Snow and Michael Daut. Length: approximately 30 minutes.

Planetarium Presentations

Night Sky of the Month
This presentation describes actual astronomical phenomena (including constellations, planets, special objects, and atmospheric phenomena). It also gives clear instructions on how to observe these phenomena with your own eyes. The presentation is renewed each month. It has a duration of about 20 minutes.

Tähtitiede nyt (Astronomy now)
Currently the show is available in Finnish only. This presenation describes planets, stars and constellations on the night sky and e.g. the movements of the Earth in space. The duration is about 20 minutes.

Children's Night Sky
This presentation is similar to the aforementioned Astronomy now, but has been tailored especially for younger audience. The duration is about 20 minutes.

Tailored programme
Tuorla area is a splendid target both for tourists and for people seeking a place to organise a meeting or entertainment. Besides planetarium you may learn about astronomical research, see telescopes, and hear interesting presentations on astronomical topics at Tuorla Observatory. You may also rent the observatory lecture room for your own programme.

Hostel Tuorla, only a short walking distance from the observatory, offers dining and accommodation services and rents smaller conference rooms. Countryside College of Southwest Finland has a garden shop, gardening museum and a multitude of domestic animals for visitors to see. It also rents an auditorium for conferences.

N.B. Even though there are no continuous or glaring flashing lights or many very fast movements in our planetarium shows, the most sensitive people prone to epilepsy or migraine should prepare for the impressiveness of our all-sky shows and e.g. cover their eyes for a moment, if a need arises. We hope no inconvenience is caused to anybody and ask you to report to us should anything happen nonetheless.

Shows are suited also to children, but their contents may be a little difficult to understand for children who have not yet reached school age. It is advisable to tell the smallest children that it is dark in the planetarium. We recommend parental guidance for children under 15 years of age.

Our Location

Tuorla Planetarium is located next to Tuorla Observatory in Piikkiö, some 12 kilometres from Turku towards Helsinki between the city of Kaarina and the municipality of Piikkiö.

The main road passing the observatory is road number 110. The junction off this road is marked with a sign with names Varsinais-Suomen maaseutuoppilaitos, Tuorlan observatorio, and Tuorlantie on it (see the photo on the right). Continue about 50 metres on a birch tree alley and turn left (there is a sign pointing to Tuorla Observatory). This road takes you past a couple of buildings and enters the woods, ascends to a hill, passes a couple of domes and finally arrives to the main buildings of the observatory, about 400 metres from the turning.

Coming by bus
Take any bus from Turku going to Piikkiö, Paimio, Kemiö, or Taalintehdas. You may also take one going to Salo, but make sure this is not an Expressbus, which does not stop at small bus stops. Most buses leave from the main bus station and some from the marketplace. They all take passengers from the cathedral bus stop, or any other stop along Uudenmaankatu. Ask for a ticket to Tuorla. It will cost you a few euros and takes 20-30 minutes. If uncertain where to stop the bus, watch directly ahead and when you see the tall tower dome of Tuorla 1 metre telescope, move to the driver and remind him to stop at the Tuorla bus stop. Do not press the stopping signal when you see the tower, because then you are dropped off one bus stop too early. The Tuorla bus stop is next to the abovementioned junction and the street signs in the photo on the right.

Coming by car
1) Using a navigator, feed in address Vaisalantie 20, Piikkio (or with Finnish characters: Väisäläntie 20, Piikkiö).

2) Coming from Turku, using the motorway: Drive some 10 kilometres and look for a junction marked with number 7. Depart the motorway there, turn right and drive about a kilometre to road number 110. Turn right and drive another kilometre until, in a middle of a long strip of straight road, you find the junction off the road and see the street signs in the photo on the right.

3) Coming from Turku, using the road number 110: Drive some 10 kilometres, you will see the tall tower dome of Tuorla 1 metre telescope on a forest hill about a kilometre before you should turn off at the junction with the street signs in the photo on the right.

4) Coming from Helsinki: Some 15 kilometres before Turku begin to look for a junction marked with number 7. Depart the motorway there, turn left and drive about a kilometre to road number 110. Turn right and drive another kilometre until, in a middle of a long strip of straight road, you find the junction off the road and see the street signs in the photo on the right.

Parking: There is plenty of parking space at the observatory. If you like, you may also visit Hostel Tuorla and walk the 400 metres from there.