The OJ-94 Project
OJ-94 project was created for monitoring BL Lac object OJ 287 during its predicted outburst. OJ 287 is one of the best observed BL Lac objects. Its observations date back for over 100 years. This historical light curve shows several large outbursts, that seem to occur every 12 years. Based on the historical light curve Sillanpää et al. (1988, ApJ 325, 628) predicted that a new outburst would occur during autumn 1994.

The project started autumn 1993, when we received the ITP-time on the Canary Island Telescopes for a half a year period. Since we are interested in intensive long term monitoring on OJ 287, we organised a large intenational collaboration for this monitoring. At present there are over 50 astronomers from 10 countries involved in the project. Project members use whatever instruments they have at their disposal for this monitoring, and send the reduced data into the data archive, that is maintained at Tuorla observatory.

Blazars 3C66A, S5 0716+714 and AO 0235+164 were selected as comparison objects for OJ 287. We hoped to use the observations of these objects for checking and removing instrumental effects from the OJ 287 observations. All these objects have shown large intrinsic variability, that is very useful in studying their properties.

Project results have been discussed in project meetings and in published articles.

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