Tuorla 0.6 m Ritchey-Chrétien telescope

Mounting of telescope: Equatorial, german type

Main mirror: hyperbolic, 0.6 m

Secondary mirror: hyperbolic, m

Tube: Serrurier truss

Equivalent focal length of system: 7.8 m

Effective aperture ratio of system: f/13

Instrument: Piirola photo-polarimeter

Field of view: 6' x 4' for 14x9 mm detector

Bands: B V R I

Telescope control system: PC, electromechanical syncro indicators for RA and DEC

Mounting : worm drive, servomotors, one for each axis

Last modification: 2000

VRML model of the telescope

Tuorla 0.6 m RC-teleskooppi Technical description of 0.6 RC telescope