Tuorla 0.7 m Schmidt telescope
Under Construction!

Mounting of telescope: Equatorial Yoke

Main mirror: spherical, 0.7 m

Correcting plate: 0.7 m

Tube: Solid

Equivalent focal length of system: 1.72 m

Effective aperture ratio of system: f/2.5


Chip: KAF-1600

Pixel size: 9 10^-6 m - 27 10^-6 m

Field of view: 28' x 18'

Quantum efficiency of the chip: 30% (in V-band)

Dark current: 0.6 e /s

Readout noise:15 e

Gain: 2.3 e / ADU

Filter: B V R bands

Telescope control system: PC

Mounting : incremental encoders, pinion drive, stepper motors (one for each axis)

Last modification: 2001

Tuorla 0.7 m Schmidt-teleskooppi techical description of 0.7 m  Schmidt-teleskooppi