Description: languages are our means of communication. Although they have evolved for hundreds of thousands of years, they are certainly not perfect. It often happens that what one person says or writes, is understood in more or less different tone than originally meant. This is always important to remember when communicating, but naturally a well structured language and careful use of it helps in delivering the message.

Statement: after hundreds of years of getting more elaborate, languages have clearly began to deteriorate. The process began most likely with a general degeneration of western civilisation in the sixties; the process called liberal education, originating from A. S. Neill and sympathisers. Recently, with email and SMS text messages, this process has accelerated into unacceptable rate.

Ultimatum: something must be done. That is why I have these pages in the web. I claim that virtually all changes introduced to languages in the past twenty years or more are contributing to languages becoming less expressive and more obscure, except for the new words required for new objects and phenomena. I am insufficiently skilled in other languages, but will maintain pages for proper English and proper Finnish; the Finnish page is in Finnish, so you must know Finnish to understand it.

My page for proper English.

My page for proper Finnish (eli sivuni suomen kielen puolesta).