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Why do people have web pages. Looking at some of them, you really wonder. Of course most serve some target audience and others are just entertaining. I have made my WWW pages for three reasons: 1) for information (such as astronomy pages), 2) for entertainment (such as photo pages), and 3) for personal reference. If you find some of my pages odd, they may fall in category 3. Everybody is naturally welcome to view any of my pages, and since I believe everything in the web (and perhaps even everything in general) should be public domain, all my material is free for downloading for whatever non-commercial purposes you might have for such material. For commercial purposes you may ask for an express written consent (see my copyright notice).

Main division of my pages is listed in the menu on the left. There are (always) some pages, which do not fall in any categorisation whatsoever. My remaining pages are listed below.

Unclassified pages

Hero of Finnish Freedom (last modified on 15 JUL 2008)

Satakunnan laulu (in Finnish, completed on 10 JUL 1997)

Tolkien in Finnish (last modified on 10 OCT 2000)

Turre (last modified on 12 JUL 1999)

Sites maintained and/or designed by your's truly:

Tuorla Observatory (Tuorlan observatorio)
Tuorla Planetarium (Tuorlan planetaario)
Tuorlan Astronomical Society (Tuorlan tähtitieteellinen seura ry)
Eksaktisten tieteiden seura ry (Exact Sciences Society)

Metalli-Pori (a company specialised in metalwork)