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Welcome to Rami Rekola's Encyclopædia Galactica. These pages contain information about astronomy and astrophysics - mainly of topics of my own interest. Pages are updated infrequently, but if you would like to see some topic covered or term explained, just let me know. My email address can be found from my home page. I hope you enjoy your visit here!


In this section a brief description is offered on astronomical and physical topics (terms, objects, etc.). All entries are listed in alphabetical order. ENTER ENCYCLOPÆDIA


If you are interested to learn more about a certain topic, you may find these pages useful. A lengthy description with images and tables, sometimes even photos and movies, is given. ENTER ARTICLES


I have made some neat programs for astronomical calculations. All programs operate in English and are freeware. Flagship of the programs is coordinate conversion tool CooC that can convert astronomical coordinates from any coordinate system to any other. ENTER TOOLS


You can find some entertaining (but also informative) items here; e.g. travel accounts and neat photos. ENTER ENTERTAINMENT


What would a web site be without links to even more web sites. The list is not attempting to be comprehensive. Rather it contains some of the most obvious links and points to other, more comprehensive lists. ENTER LINKS

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