Last modified on 11th May 2005.
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Herschel Satellite 3.5 Metre Main Mirror

Arrival of the mirror to Tuorla Observatory, 29 June - 1 July 2004; unloading of Aladin 1.5 Metre Mirror, 6-7 July 2004; removal of auxiliary material, 8 July 2004; checking the finished mirror, 15 Apr 2005; and departure of the mirror from Tuorla Observatory, 16 Apr 2005

Airbus Beluga transport plane brought the 3.5 metre main mirror of Herschel satellite to be processed in Opteon workshop. The plane arrived on Tuesday 29/6/2004 and the mirror was transferred from airport to Tuorla on Wednesday 30/6/2004. The mirror itself is the largest mirror so far to be launched into space. The mirror grinding and polishing was finished by 15/4/2005 after which the mirror was transported back to France on 16-17/4/2005.

Here are some pages with photos of the events. Each page covers one stage in the process beginning with the landing of Beluga in Turku Airport and ending with the mirror being transported away from Tuorla Observatory area.

Beluga lands in Turku
Beluga prepares to unload
Tuorlans in the Beluga
Beluga unloads the 3.5 metre mirror
Beluga unloads accessories

Herschel mirror arrives to Tuorla - 1
Herschel mirror arrives to Tuorla - 2
Herschel mirror arrives to Tuorla - 3
Herschel mirror arrives to Tuorla - 4
Herschel mirror arrives to Tuorla - 5
Herschel mirror arrives to Tuorla - 6
Herschel mirror arrives to Tuorla - 7
Herschel mirror arrives to Tuorla - 8

See also Mikko Pasanen's photos.

On the following week another team arrived from EADS Astrium, France, and assembled the Aeolus/Aladin 1.5 metre mirror on another mirror grinding and polishing table. Here are photos of that event and of auxiliary Herschel and Aladin material being loaded into a truck that took it back to France.

Aeolus/Aladin mirror - 1
Aeolus/Aladin mirror - 2

Loading the truck - 1
Loading the truck - 2

Nine and half months later the Herschel mirror was finished and put on display for media and naturally the observatory staff. Here are some photos from the exhibition day and of the following day when the mirror was transported away from Tuorla.

Observatory staff checks the mirror

Mirror leaves Tuorla

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