Last modified on 9th June 2005.
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Astronomy tools:

Coordinate Conversions "CooC"

Online site 1
Online site 2 (currently inoperative)
Online site 3 (currently inoperative)

Download Linux version 1.01
Download Windows version 1.01
Download Unix version 1.01
You can convert between all astronomical coordinate systems with the CooC. Online versions offer a form with which you can easily convert one coordinate to another. Downloadable versions are older and a bit crummy but you can convert any number of coordinates in one go.

N.B. A major problem with online version has been corrected! If you still results from or to other coordinate systems than the ones you selected, try to click the REFRESH or RELOAD button on your browser when on the result page. If this does not help, please send a note to the address accessible throught the bottommost link on this page.

Image Reduction for Windows "IRWin"

Download IRWin (page includes description of the program)

Airmass calculator

Download Airmass calculator (for Linux and for Windows; page includes description of the program)

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