Nordic-Baltic Optical/NIR and Radio Astronomy Summer School

Star Formation in the Milky Way and Nearby Galaxies

8th-18th June 2009; Turku, Finland

As stated earlier, we will be able to refund the travel costs for all students and teachers at the school. To get a refund, please fill out the travel claim form provided at the meeting and also available as a pdf file HERE. Remember to fill in your bank details AND SIGN it, then send it to the address provided below.

For travel costs, please attach all the original documentation showing the actual cost (air/train/bus tickets, taxi receipts, etc.). For the teachers, please add the honorarium as agreed with me.

For Baltic participants: NordForsk allows us to refund only 70% of your travel costs and requires that we can document this. So please enter the FULL AMOUNT of your costs, and we will reimburse you 70% of those.

The local costs at Tuorla (board, lodging, ecursions) will be fully covered from the grant for everybody.

Finally, please send the completed form and all attachments to:

Lunds Observatorium
Att.: Eva Jurlander
Box 43
SE - 221 00 Lund

Should you not receive your reimbursement within a reasonable time, please check with Eva ( that she has received your claim.

Johannes Andersen