Nordic-Baltic Optical/NIR and Radio Astronomy Summer School

Star Formation in the Milky Way and Nearby Galaxies

8th-18th June 2009; Turku, Finland

Approval of the full credit for the equivalent of 6 ECTS for the school requires that students complete a report on their research projects.

To enhance the similarity of the school to life in actual research, the preferred form of report is a full-scale 5-6-page research paper from each research group, prepared for one of the major international journals (A&A, ApJ, AJ, MNRAS) with their standard article formatting and submission tools. Alternatively, an 8-10-page report in standard Latex format (A4 format, 12 pt font) is acceptable as well, provided the content is to similar standards, with proper references, etc.

In either case, the complete report should be submitted by e-mail as a single PDF file to Raine Karjalainen (rkarjala(at), with a copy to the project leader of each group. Project groups are free to consult with the project leader during the preparation of the report.

The deadline for submission is *** Sunday, July 19, 2009***

Upon approval of the reports by the project leaders, participants will receive a certificate describing the content and estimated effort of the course and the equivalent ECTS rating (NB: This is subject to approval by the home university of each participant).