La Palma KVA 0.6 m Cassegrain telescope

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Mounting of telescope: Equatorial, fork

Main mirror: 0.6 m, parabolic

Secondary mirror: hyperbolic

Tube: Closed tube

Equivalent focal length of system: 9.0 m

Effective aperture ratio of system: f/15

Current instrument: ST-8

CCD configuration still uncertain because of system development.
If you do know better, please inform me.(name at bottom of the page)


Chip: Kodak KAF-1600

Pixel size: 9 x 9 microns (rectangular pixel form)

Field of view: 5.3' x 3.5'

Quantum efficiency: ~ % (in V-band)

Dark current: 1eŻ/pixel/sec at 0° C

Readout noise: 15eŻ

Gain: 2.3 eŻ/ADU

Telescope control system: computer controlled. Incremental encoders.

Mounting : pinion and worm drive, servomotors, one for each axis

Average sky background brightness in La Palma: 21.5 mag / square arcsecond in V band

Last modification: 2003

La Palma KVA 0.6 m teleskooppi