Tuorla 1.00 m Dall-Kirkham reflector

Current status: Used in photometric monitoring of BlLac objects. Mirrors realuminizated in 2001

Mounting of telescope: equatorial fork

Main mirror: elliptical, 1.00 m

Secondary mirror: spherical, 0.31 m

Tube: serrurier truss

Equivalent focal length of system: 8.45 m

Effective aperture ratio of system: f/8.45

Field of View: 9.9' x 9.9'

CCD camera body: SBIG ST-8 with water cooling option

Chip: KAF-1001e

Pixel size: 24 10^-6 m x 24 10^-6 m

Quantum efficiency: 72% (in 575 nm)

Dark current: 9 e/pix/s at 0 Celsius

Readout noise: 14.8 e

Gain: 2 e / ADU

Filter: V-band

Telescope control system: PC

Mounting : incremental encoders, pinion drive, stepper motors (one for each axis)

Average sky background brightness in tuorla: 17 mag / square arcsecond in V band

Estimated brightness limit (3 sigma detection): 20 mag in V band ST-8

Last modification: 2004

VRML model of the telescope

Tuorla 1.00 m Dall-Kirkham Technical deskription of 1.0m telescope Control system