Graduate School for Space Physics and Astronomy Summer school: Cosmology and Planck

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Mika Juvela Enn Saar Mikko Hanski

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Tuorla Observatory arranges a summer school for graduate students in astronomy and astrophysics 31 May - 4 June 2004.

The course focuses on the basics of modern cosmology and aims at adding to a better understanding of scientific significance of the forthcoming Planck satellite project.


Hannu Kurki-Suonio, Helsinki University (Cosmology)
Iiro Vilja, Turku University (Cosmology)
Kari Enqvist, Helsinki University (Cosmology)
Mikko Hanski, Turku University (Cosmology)
Enn Saar, Tartu Observatory (Clusters of galaxies)
Anne Lähteenmäki, Metsähovi Radio Observatory (extragalactic point sources)
Mika Juvela, Helsinki University (Galactic foregrouds)
Jussi Varis, VTT (Planck as an instrument)



The summer school is free of charge for students hired by the graduate school, including teaching, accommodation and travel costs. Accommodation will be arranged in double rooms in Tuorla Majatalo near Tuorla Observatory. From the others accommodation and meals will be charged for: Accommodation 80 e/person, the meals together 22 e/person (breakfast, lunch, afternoon coffee and snack in the evening).

Summer school starts on Monday 31 May at 10 am. Reception will be open in Majatalo on Sunday 30 May until 6 pm.

Deadline for registration (and name of potential room mate): 15 May ; contact Pekka Heinämäki, email: pekheina(at)

Any questions or problems, call
- mobile phone: 050 348 6687
- office phone: (02) 333 8983