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(links added or verified last on 13 April 2007)
This page contains links to WWW pages related to astronomy or activities of the society. Links have been divided into groups of similar topics.

We cordially request all members of the society and other interested people to inform us on interesting WWW pages to link to and to report on erroneous or dead links. Thank you.

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Table of contents:
Astronomy Meteorology Computer sciences Other sciences
Universities Observatories Astronomical societies Other organizations
Finland Turku and surroundings Commercial links Other links
The Society presentation of Tuorla Observatory

- ADS Abstract Service
- Astro-ph preprint service
- International Astronomy Meetings
- Astronomy Picture of the Day

- JPL Solar System Simulator
- SETI@home
- Universe Today (space and astronomy news)

Weather and forecasts; Finland
- Current weather in Turku
- Finnish Meteorological Institute
- Foreca
- Finnish Road Administration weather cameras

Weather and forecasts; elsewhere
- Weather in Spain
Computer sciences

- FITS Data Format
- IRAF (Image Reduction and Analysis Facility)
- PGPLOT Graphics Subroutine Library
- A free Fortran 90 compiler from Intel
Other sciences


In Turku
- University of Turku
- Åbo Akademi
- Turku School of Economics and Business Administration

Elsewhere in Finland
- University of Helsinki
- University of Oulu
- University of Jyväskylä

In European Union
- University of Cambridge, UK
- University of Oxford, UK
- University of Heidelberg, DE

Outside of European Union
- York University, CAN
- Princeton University, USA
- Saint-Petersburg State University, RUS
Astronomical institutions

In and around Turku
- Tuorla Observatory
- Turku University Space Research Laboratory
- Väisälä Institute for Space Physics and Astronomy

Elsewhere in Finland
- Metsähovi Radio Observatory
- Helsinki University Observatory
- Oulu University astronomy division

In European Union
- European Southern Observatory (ESO)
- Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC)
- Nordic Optical Telescope (NOT)

Outside of European Union
- Australia Telescope National Facility (ATNF)
- Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope
- National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO)
Astronomical societies

Professional astronomers' societies
- International Astronomical Union (IAU)
- European Astronomical Society
- Royal Astronomical Society, UK
- American Astronomical Society, USA

Amateurs' societies
In Finland
- Ursa of Turku (only in Finnish)
- Ursa Astronomical Association

In European Union

Outside of European Union
- The Planetary Society
Other organizations

- ESA (European Space Agency)
- NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration, USA)

- Academy of Finland
- Exact Sciences Society

- An interactive map of Finland
Turku and surroundings

- City of Turku
- Commune of Piikkiö (in Finnish)
- City of Kaarina
- City of Paimio (in Finnish)
Commercial links

- Finland Post
- Finnair
- Matkahuolto bus services
- Finnish national railroad company (VR)
- Hostel Tuorla
Other links

- Google search engine
- Maporama global map service
- Oanda currency converter