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Grounds for pricing
We have divided our prices into two classes. Orion class is our normal price class. Sirius class is intended to children under 15 years of age (to be asserted with an identity card on request), students (with a student card), Finnish conscripts (with a conscript card, "varusmieskortti"), and senior citizens.

Price List

Ticket prices:
Adults: Orion class price = 8 EUR
Children (under 15): Sirius class price = 6 EUR

Other products

Tour to the observatory
will be arranged by reservation only and at a time and price agreed on reservation.

Presentation: Basic astronomy
will be arranged by reservation only and at a time and price agreen on reservation.

Presentation on other topic:
Ask price and selection of topics by using the reservation form or contacting us by phone or email.

Series tickets
We offer astronomy enthusiasts a possibility to view our shows and presentations through affordable series tickets. Tickets are personal and valid for one year from purchase.

Andromeda class series ticket: three optional shows together with the Night sky of the month presentations shown immediately prior to the show. Price: 15 EUR.

We do not have a bank or credit card reader yet. Therefore all our products must be paid in cash for the time being. When needed cash may be withdrawn with Finnish (and perhaps European) debit cards in Hostel Tuorla. We apologise for any problems arising of this. Groups are billed after the visit, but they may also pay in cash.

We do not have group rates during our regular opening hours. We recommend groups to reserve a separate time for a presentation that can be tailored to their specific needs and wishes. We shall make an offer for these separate presentations, influenced by the size of the group, time of reserved presentation, and programme to be presented.

School classes
We offer a specially tailored school package to school classes. Price of the package is 80 EUR per school class. The planetarium package may be supplemented with a tour to the observatory bringing total price to 110 EUR per class.




You can make a reservation either by using the booking form (link above) or contacting us directly (contact info) or Hostel Tuorla (contact info).

Terms for reservations
We aim at maximal flexibility in our operation and try to accommodate needs of our customers. Because there are, nonetheless, always momentary irregularities in all human activities, it is worthwhile to state the terms for mutual benefit. All reservations are processed in the order they arrive as soon as possible. Once we have confirmed the reservation it will be binding. The customer may cancel the reservation (and hence the invoice) by informing us of the cancellation at least 24 hours before the reserved time. Cancellations made after this time limit will result in a processing fee of 50 EUR. A reservation that has not been cancelled will be charged for in full. Should the customer arrive late to a reserved presentation, we shall attempt to accommodate the schedule accordingly. This may, however, be impossible during busy seasons. Should the delay or cancellation of a presentation be due to planetarium staff or equipment, the customer is primarily compensated with a presentation at an alternative time, a substitutive programme at the reserved time, or cancelling the invoice of the reserved programme. Naturally we wish everything goes without any irregularities and there should never be need to enact these terms.