Encyclopædia Galactica Rami T. F. Rekola Tuorlan Astronomical Society Tuorla Observatory University of Turku

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Uudistin Encyclopædia Galactican ulkoasua ja, itse asiassa, sivustorakenteen polkuineen. Uudistus on tehty toistaiseksi vasta englanninkielisille sivuille. Kunnes uudet suomenkieliset sivut valmistuvat, voit selata vanhoja täällä.


Welcome to Rami Rekola's Encyclopædia Galactica. These pages contain information about astronomy and astrophysics. I include here articles of my work and interests in astronomy, and explanatory encyclopædia entries. If you can not find something you want to know from these pages (or other similar pages in the web), feel free to ask me to add that information. My email address can be found from my home page (follow the double-R link at the top of the page. I hope you enjoy your visit here!


This section offers detailed texts, often spiced with images, tables, photos and even movies. Entries are listed in alphabetical order by the title of the text and some keywords.


In this section a brief description is offered on astronomical and physical topics (terms, objects, etc.). All entries are listed in alphabetical order.


I have made some neat programmes for astronomical calculations. All programmes operate in English and are freeware (as all computer programmes should be in civilised societies). Flagship of the programmes is coordinate conversion tool CooC that can convert astronomical coordinates from any coordinate system to any other.


I placed all my astronomical links to the pages of Tuorla Observatory and Tuorlan Astronomical Society. Please, check Links pages on those sites.