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26 DEC 2009
Our programme expanded on the Boxing Day with Luokkaretki Avaruuteen (An Excursion to Space), which is a programme especially tuned for younger audiences, but is excellent entertainment for adults as well. Please, see more detailed descriptions on our Programme page and screening times on the Opening Hours page.

1 JUN 2009
The planetarium is open to public each day during the summer months. Shows begin at 1 pm, 2 pm, and 3 pm.

30 MAR 2009
Tuorla Observatory holds Open House Days on Saturday 4 April and Sunday 5 April. Tuorla Planetarium offers public presentations free of charge from Thursday 2 April to Sunday 5 April. Presentations begin at even hours. Please, see further information from here.

29 JAN 2009
The planetarium programme acquired a new show, Black Holes - The Other Side of Infinity, which has been hugely popular in other planetariums in Finland and elsewhere. Furthermore we offer an English version of our own planetarium presentation Children's Night Sky and a Swedish version of the show Secrets of the Sun.

22 DEC 2008
The planetarium opening hours will change for spring season 2009. Please, see the new times from our Opening Hours page.

22 DEC 2008
On Christmas season the planetarium will be closed from Tuesday to Friday or between 23-26 DEC. We wish all astronomy enthusiasts Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2009!

1 NOV 2008
Our programme expanded at the beginning of November with a new show, the Mystery of the Christmas Star, and Children's Night Sky - explaining astronomical phenomena especially for younger audiences. Please, see more detailed descriptions on our Programme page and screening times on the Opening Hours page.

28 OCT 2008
We have published a Tuorla Planetarium poster for autumn season 2008. Our co-operative partners and everybody who wants to support our activity are welcome to download accompanying A4 poster and display it to public. Currently the poster exists only in Finnish.

23 OCT 2008
Our web site seems to have malfunctioned on Wednesday 22 Oct and Thursday 23 Oct. Consequently some booking enquiries may be lost. Please, contact us again, if we do not reply within two days.

1 OCT 2008
After the grand opening the planetarium opened for public in the first show at 18:00.

25 SEP 2008
Planetarium seats arrived. Observatory staff tested the planetarium in the state it will be open for public. Even professional astronomers were impressed by the experience.

7 AUG 2008
Representative of Evans & Sutherland installed the planetarium device into the dome. First tests were conducted running shows provided by device manufacturer.

5 AUG 2008
Planetarium device arrived to Tuorla.

29 JUL 2008
The dome of the planetarium was erected. It was manufactured by Swedish Broman Planetarium AB.

25 JUL 2008
Tuorla Planetarium web pages were published.

23 JUL 2008
Planetarium device was shipped from UK towards Tuorla.

23 JUN 2008
Tuorla Observatory signed a contract for the planetarium device with Evans & Sutherland.

Spring 2008
As a sample of the forthcoming visitor centre, Tuorla Observatory decided to install a planetarium in temporary premises.

19 SEP 2007
The commissioned visitor centre business plan was finished and shows the centre may also act as a commercial unit, if desired to have it as such.

Spring 2005
Visitor centre feasibility study was finished and shows it has a clear demand both in schools and in homes.

16 JAN 2004
Tuorlan Astronomical Society was founded to support research and recreation in astronomy. Top priority was given to building the visitor centre for Tuorla Observatory.

Summer 2003
Tuorla Observatory researchers drew first plans of the future visitor centre.

Tuorla Planetarium posters

We thank our partners in co-operation and others interested in the activity of Tuorla Planetarium for displaying these posters. Posters are currently only in Finnish.
Poster, autumn 2008
This poster may be downloaded and printed for use in support of our activity. The file size is 2.2 MB and size on paper A4 (although quality enables printing also as A3).
This slide may be downloaded and attached to a multimedia presentation in support of our activity. The file size is 358 kB and size in pixels 1600×1200.

Evans & Sutherland Digistar 3 SP2HD

The planetarium device of Tuorla Planetarium is Evans & Sutherland Digistar 3 SP2HD - the most modern three megapixel digital planetarium in Finland at the time of installation. little boxes The device produces an image to cover entire hemisphere with two projectors and enables presentations of full-sky shows and real-time graphics. Both projectors have a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels, luminous efficiency of 3500 lumens and contrast ratio or 7500:1.